before the flood documentary

Gestern Abend ging die Dokumentation von National Geographic und Leonardo di Caprio „Before the Flood“ online. Eine Dokumentation die ich allen an dieser Stelle nahe legen möchte. Egal ob man es wahrhaben möchte oder nicht, wir sind mittendrin in einer klimatischen Veränderung die unser aller Leben schwer beeinträchtigen wird.

Die Dokumentation gibt einen wirklich guten Überblick über das was auf unserer Welt passiert, gibt Einblick über die Probleme denen wir gegenüberstehen und wer sie verursacht ( am ende immer wir mit unseren Entscheidungen), zeigt auf welche Möglichkeiten wir haben und mehr. Sehr gut investierte 1,5 Stunden für mehr Bewusstsein und einigen Ideen wie man in die Veränderung eingreifen kann.


Einige Sätze die sich dabei bei mir eingeprägt haben und die ich mit euch teilen möchte.

„I dont want to be in a world without these animals“

„Things have taken a massive change to worst“

„If climate change stays like the last decade -Greenland will be taken away“

„We need to put the issue of lifestyle and consumption into the center“

„The U.S is a fossil addicted country“

„What we have done to the rest of the world is criminal“

„few people will be able to see snow in the future“

„Its not an environmental issue, its a national security issue.“


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  1. Isabel
    Isabel sagte:

    I saw the movie it was very shocking indeed however, I had a feeling like it’s not by accident it has debuted October 30, one week before the US presidential election. And I did not like the feeling I must say. We all know that climate changes are very dangerous but on the other hand developed, wealthy countries (among them Austria) instead of solving the problem, they just move their dirty problems somewhere else.

    • Viktoria
      Viktoria sagte:

      Well, whenever you publish something you try to find the best time to do so. And that might be a presidential election – that does not change the truth and importance of the the topic. I dont see any emotional topic around that. I dont think that is a country topic – this is a very personal topic. Its not Austria or the US that is buying or eating the stuff that is harming mother earth. Its you and me and all the other people that live in this world. In wealthy countries because the get it everywhere and they dont want to think about things like „Avocados are bad for the environment“ and in unwelathy countries because the see the wealthy countries as the „best thing“ in the world and want to achieve those things- and when they got it – why should they say „no“? …. to only mention some example of a really complex topic. I think people need to start with themseleves and question their own behaviours and stop waiting that politicians will make rules or anything else to get the topic „under control“ They wont, because nobody will vote for them if the make decisions that aren’t popular.. Thats my opinion on that.. So the thing is to use what we really need, buy what we really need, talk about our environment, explain people how this world works, how we need nature, discuss with people and be the own change.. etc.


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